The Dove A Christmas Sequence

Elizabeth Rivers

The Dove A Christmas Sequence This beautiful folding Chrismas Card produced by The Dolmen Press, Dublin, Ireland in 1959 is illustrated throughout by 9 wood cut block prints by Elizabeth Rivers. The front of the card (as is shown in the image) is illustrated with the block print of The Dove in black and the title of the card. The Reverse (as shown in the image) is illustrated with a block print of 5 sheep in blue with the date and printing details. Inside the front cover the word 'greetings' is printed in black. There are 7 folds in the card with a series of sequential block print images in black all related to The Nativity. They are 1/ The Annunciation to Mary by the Angel Gabriel, 2/ The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, 3/ The Betrothal of Mary to Joseph, 4/ The Annunciation to the Shepherds, 5/ The Birth of Jesus, 6/ The Visitation Of The Magi, 7/ The Flight Into Egypt of Mary, Joseph and the Holy Child. The card folded measures 6 by 33/4 inches and unfolded measures 6 by 30 inches. The card is in good clean condition throughout. Dolmen Press cards in this condition are very scarce. 
The Dove A Christmas Sequence